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Last time we fell short on time and had to leave our studio without answering all of “poker lover 89’s” questions. We thought we would give you one more tip of a hotel in Las Vegas who has art included in it. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a hotel and casino that offers different kinds of art experiences for art lovers. – Hundreds of contemporary art works by both established and emerging artists from all over the world can be found throughout The Cosmopolitan. Designed to inspire discovery, the collection includes large-scale paintings, photography, mixed media works, sculptures, murals and more. This is what cosmopolitan themselves write on their website. They have focused on having art all across the hotel in different ways. On the doors to the rooms where you usually have a plain note with either “do not disturb” or “please enter” they have collaborated with Flaunt magazine to create six different door hangers that includes more artsier work. Really nice feature according to us here at Curater. They have also six art-o-mat machines in the hotel. Each machine contains a variety original works.

The art-o-mat machines are created by the artist Clark Whittington. The machines are made of old cigarette vending machines. The old machines has been repurposed as a vehicle to distribute art to the people. There are over 100 art-o-mat machines that exist today, most of them are located in the United States but there are one machine in the UK, two in Vienna and two i Australia. More then 400 artist have contributed with their art to fill these machines with. Each little piece of Art-o-mat art is boxed and wrapped in cellophane inside of the old cigarette vending machine. You get out your little piece of art by a pull-knob dispensing mechanism – exactly like the cigarettes vending machines was from the beginning. This is one of the features we absolutely love about the Cosmopolitan! Such a nice feature to get out a little piece of art right in your hand!

And for the second question if there is a casino in London that also has some sort of art our answer is yes! It is not quite like the casinos in Las Vegas where they have a separate gallery or art features. The only thing we could find i London was a casino that had some huge artwork on the walls inside of the casino. Perhaps this wasn’t what you where looking for, but we will give a short presentation anyways. The Hippodrome casino in London is a new type of casino. On one of the walls has the digital artist Thomas D Grays got the opportunity to put up one of his major pieces of art. The artwork surrounds the the main void of the interior. The casino is in an old theatre and therefore you can also enjoy the art form theatre and cabaret if you feel like it. There is also live comedy shows there so you have a lot of things to choose from, and guess what, entry is free! So either way if you want to gamble or just check the place out you can do it for free! Hopefully you got your answers!

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Picture borrowed from Artomat.com

Did you know that there is at least 20 different casinos in London?