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Thank you all for all of your messages considering the art exhibitions in Las Vegas. It is so fun that you liked it and it sounds like the most of you readers like art that aren’t that traditional in a museum. It is like you want it to be a bit more than that and not only a simple museum. Or perhaps you like Las Vegas and the fact that it is such a huge city where you can do a lot. Since we are already talking about Las Vegas how about some tips on art exhibitions in Las Vegas? Let’s do it!

Here is our personal top four favorite exhibitions in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!

1. Barrick Museum
Yes first up is Barrick Museum that is located on the University of Nevada. First it was a natural history museum but it has now changes its focus to fill the void left when the Las
Vegas Art Museum closed in 2009. Barrick museum are trying to become a full time art institution so please give this museum a visit. The fee is free but there is always welcome to make a donation, so while your there please do!
2. Neon Museum
Next up is the outdoor Neon Museum located in the city’s Cultural Corridor. It is a huge tourist destination and a beloved project and collection for the Las Vegas community. The collection is a bunch of signs out in the desert that tells the story about the 1930s city that erupted in the desert. Certainly something you must see if you get the chance!
3. Contemporary Arts Center
In the industrial downtown art district you will find this small gallery with a 21 year of success. In a city that is completely focused on gambling they have constantly worked to be recognized. They have mostly avant garde exhibits and has brought in a diverse range of artist. Definitely worth a visit!
4. Trifecta Gallery
In the art districts you will also find this survivor, Trifecta gallery. They maintain solid exhibits focused on contemporary representational paintings and illustrations. It is a large space of three rooms in an old industrial brick building where locals go to buy and experience works by emerging artist. One of their famous exhibitions is the pancake breakfast that actually consists of huge flapjack sculptures by Todd Von Bastiaans and Bryan McCarthy. Really makes you crave pancakes we can tell you!

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downtown las vegas where the museums are

Did you know that an artist once cut off his ear?