May 03

The van Gogh slot machine

The van Gogh slotI have previously written about the famous gambling city Las Vegas where you not only can play casino, but also visit high quality exhibitions and watch artwork. You can read about it here and here. Today I will continue the gambling theme and the connection between casino and art. Recently I found a slot machine inspired by the famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

The game is developed by STHLMGAMING and the symbols in the game consists of selected van Gogh paintings and paint palettes. The paintings in the game mainly consists of still lifes, for example one of his famous paintings with the sunflowers. His self portrait is also one of the symbols in the slot.

I like the idea of mixing pleasure with beauty. Combining simple pleasures with fine art. Though, I wonder what van Gogh himself would think about it?

Art and casino games

Offhand I can’t think about any other artist that have inspired to a slot machine and got their paintings as symbols in a slot. But I do know artists that have designed card decks. So the connection between casino games and art is not new. It’s not even new to use the van Gogh paintings in a gambling context. His art has been used on card decks before and the game developer IGT has like STHLMGAMING used his art in a slot.

Speaking about card decks. There are plenty of artistic ones to discover. Search at google and you’ll find lots of beautiful card decks in all sorts of designs and art directions.

At casinonodeposituk.co.uk you can find more information about playing casino and get more fact about how slot machines works. If you’re interested in trying the van Gogh slot you can play it at Unibet. It´s the only casino that offers the slot since they got an exclusive deal with the game developer.

I hope you found todays subject interesting and feel free to email me about other casino games that have been inspired by artists if you know any!