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Aug 08

We do what you want!

downtown las vegas where the museums are

Thank you all for all of your messages considering the art exhibitions in Las Vegas. It is so fun that you liked it and it sounds like the most of you readers like art that aren’t that traditional in a museum. It is like you want it to be a bit more than that and …

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Aug 04

Welcome back for the remaining answers

an artomat

Hello again! Last time we fell short on time and had to leave our studio without answering all of “poker lover 89’s” questions. We thought we would give you one more tip of a hotel in Las Vegas who has art included in it. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a hotel and casino that …

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Aug 01

Las Vegas

art in las vegas

Hello again art lovers from all the world! As you might have learned by now we always end our posts here with some random facts about art or something connected to museum, art or exhibitions. In our last post we told you that there are a lot of casinos in Las Vegas that also offers …

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