May 08

Sports and art

Sport stadium

I know that I sometimes repeat myself. But I have to say it once again. When you start to think about it – art is all around us and everything can be art.

I often hear people say that they don’t like art, that ”it’s not their thing”. But look at a building, a card deck, a piece of jewelry or a stamp. It’s all art and design.


Right now I am bit engulfed by stamps. I google and watch beautiful stamps from all around the world! One of my favorite stamp collections is the winter olympic stamp collection from 1972 in Germany. Simple but great! Don’t confuse them with the stamp collection for the summer olympics in Munich the same year. These stamps is also beautiful, but none of my favorites.

If you like stamps like me, digitalization is both good and bad. Bad because you barely send letters anymore and good because you easily can find lots of pictures of stamps and interesting facts about them online.

If you are interested in stamps you can collect them. It’s common to collect stamps with certain motives or from a certain year for example.

I like sports and that reflects on my stamp interest. I am attracted to sport motives since they can bring memories to life. An example is a Swedish stamp which portrays the Peter ”Foppa” Forsberg shoot in the Olympics in Lillehammer 1994. Looking at the stamp induces memories from the match.

New stamp collections are often released in conjunction with big sport events. In this summer the football world championship will take place in russia, and the championship is already celebrated with new stamps. I’ve seen stamps with the arenas that will be used during the Football World Championship, stamps with the FIFA mascot, pictures of the soccer teams and Picasso-like drawings with football motives. If you are curious you can see them and much more if you search on google.

I am looking forward to the championship and will follow as many matches as possible. Maybe I even will bet on one or two of them! On the Internet there are many betting companies that offers sports books. If you have problem to choose among them, just look for the bookmakers that offers the best odds at the matches your interested in.

Sport stadiums and art

Besides the sporting I will also look at the venues. My favorite is the Samara Stadium, also called the Cosmos Arena. At distance it is really beautiful with it’s dome and round shape. It’s completely new and was ready just in time for the championship. At youtube you can watch a movie from the construction. You can also find videos showing all of the 12 venues that will be used during the championship.

Besides the Samara Stadium I also think Fisht stadium has an interesting design! It was built for the winter olympics in Sochi in 2014, and was used for the opening and closing ceremonies then. The arena is shaped like a seashell and partly consists of glass pieces. This summer it will host some of the best football teams in the world!

If you want to see spectacular venues you should also take a look at the stadiums that are built for the football world championship in Qatar 2022. Youtube is a goldmine to dig out when looking for beautiful and cool venues. There you can find everything from old stadiums to new ones like those in Qatar.

The venues fascinates me because they say so much about our society. They are the result of our knowledge, technology and the prevailing fashion at the time. It’s also fascinating because you can’t just think about the look, you have to take function and strength in consideration when you construct a stadium.

Sadly many stadiums are abandoned after the events and goes into ruins. It’s neither good for the environment nor the economy. But I think the organizers think more about it nowadays and take that into consideration when constructing new arenas.