Aug 01

Las Vegas

Hello again art lovers from all the world!
As you might have learned by now we always end our posts here with some random facts about art or something connected to museum, art or exhibitions. In our last post we told you that there are a lot of casinos in Las Vegas that also offers some sort of art exhibitions. We got an email from someone called “poker lover 89”, this is what the email says:

Hello Curater and thanks for all exhibitions tips for this season. I am a huge poker lover and i thought it was really funny that you wrote about that the casinos in Las Vegas also have some art. I am from the UK and would like to tell you about that Tate Modern has recently added a building to their museum with 10 floors. I hope that you will add this email to the site so more people get to know this, and everybody can afford it! The admission to Tate is free of charge! Some special exhibitions cost money but I can assure you that the free part is huge. Please write a little post about the art in casinos also and if it is available here i London! I have tried to find it but with no success./ Poker Lover 89

First of all, thank you for your email! And of course we will focus this post on the casinos art and reveal if it is available in London! The first casino we are going to talk about is the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The Bellagio has a gallery of fine art. The exhibition right now is by an artist called Yousuf Karsh and is called Icons of the twentieth century. This is what the casino writes about the exhibition on their website:
– “On loan from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Yousuf Karsh: Icons of the Twentieth Century provides an intimate view into the faces of leading figures in the arts, politics and the Golden Age of Hollywood. Featuring more than 60 portraits of the most famous and infamous men and women of the last century, this exhibition gives viewers a rare glimpse into the lives of these subjects” – The Bellagio
What kind of exhibition the hotel and casino offers changes over time so it is like a real art museum and not only some paintings on the wall. So if you want to enjoy both casino and art Bellagio is definitely worth a visit.

If you don’t live in the united states or doesn’t have the opportunity to travel there i would also like to tell you about this online casino guide with free spins that we recently found. It focus mainly on players in the UK but a lot of the casinos are accessible from all around the world. Sorry guys, we are a bit stressed out here today and i don’t have time to find out everything i promised. I swear i will give you the remaining questions the next time we talk to you! How do you like the picture? I think it was quite artsy!

art in las vegas

Did you know that there is an exhibition in Tokyo where all the pieces are made out of chocolate?