May 10

Everything is art!

Math is art!

I’ve probably talked about this phenomenon earlier in some post. However, it”s important to say again. Everything is, and can be, art. As ans example, there was once a classmate that had to do a reading about art.┬áHe was extremely nervous before, and didn’t think he would pass on it. He ended up getting one of the best grades there is – and here is how i managed to do it.

First, he talked about what art is. How you define it, how you see it, and that it is different for everybody that it meets. As you can read on the Curater page here, the Oxford Dictionary has a definition that may be suitable. “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. This is also what he read and quoter in his speech. He made the conclusion that something made from someones mind, in a form available for others to see and get emotionally touched by, is art.

With this conclusion, he continued in an interesting way. He changed the subject to math. You see, at this time in his school, there was a lot of tests and he was under some stress. He talked about this equation that was really stressful for him. How algebra made him feel incapsulated and how the classroom almost felt like a tiny prison cell. He said that just by looking on his mathematical problem, he would feel anxiety and panic.

He then returned to the art. He said the art was man made from a thought, and touched people emotionally.┬áMath problems and algebra is a man made thing, written down from their creator’s mind. Math problems had a certain effect on him, and made him feel bad. The conclusion was near, and he later said that math problems, algebra and equations are art. The equation written down is made by someone from their thought, and it makes the classmate feel bad. Isn’t that what art is – something made from our minds that makes people feel something.

Math and equations are art. Biology is art. A sculpture is art. Everything is art.