Aug 17


Today we are discussing if you can count commercials as art or not. Sometimes we do think that it isn’t quite that artsy that you can call it. But we do have an example on a great commercial that we think is pure and magnificent art. It is produced by Sony Bravia. Perhaps some of you already know which one we are talking about since the commercial got real famous. In the video there is 175 000 bouncing balls that they are throwing down a hill and the result is just amazing. In the commercial there is also a song played by Jose Gonzales called Heartbeat! Yes you can watch the commercial below and then please send us a comment on what you think! We do think that this is art and that is was something special that was created that day. What do you think, art or not?

We just love all these bouncy balls! Here at Curater we sort of love balls over all, every Wednesday we have bingo night. We have made our own more artsy balls for the wheel and also made our own wheel so that it is more artsy. It is made as a tree and through the roots the balls come rolling. It is actually super fun even though bingo always seems to be a bit like a game for seniors. But it might be because it is our thing that we have made it fun. If you have never heard about bingo or want to learn more you can visit this site and read more.┬áThere is both history about bingo and the best online bingo halls. But let’s not get lost in the bingo and get back to the commercials.

There is another commercial that is one of our favorites here and it is also made by Sony. It is shot in India when they are celebrating Holi. A festival where the population throw different colors on each other. It is a Hindu spring festival in India and also Nepal. It is called the festival of colors or the festival of sharing love. Holi is a two day festival that occurs in late February or the beginning of March. During the festival you spray colors on others, dance, party and eat festival delicacies. If you want to celebrate it next year in 2017 you need to remember the date of 13th March! It is a Monday so we would recommend you to be in Indian on the Sunday!

But back to the commercial, it is for the water proof new mobile phone Sony Xperia, where a couple is riding a little taxi cab in India and ending in a festival of colors. The commercial is also fantastically made but perhaps it is not quite as much art as the first. Sony makes a whole lot of interesting commercial connected to colors though and a tip is to check out their youtube channel or just google commercials from them. They focus really much on colors and to produce them with an open mind and do something that has never been done before. Like the commercial with the bouncy balls! Tell us what you think of commercials, is it art or not?

Did you know that Sony only had one time to get the shot with the bouncy balls? It was most certainly a risk they took.