Aug 09

Art is the best thing in the world

In our last post we gave a tip on a website where you can find great tips about poker if you are going to visit Las Vegas. And one of you guys sent us an email with another site that where supposed to be better. Here is the recap of the email:
-Hello Curater. I am a huge art lover and i also tend to play some casino from time to time. Therefore i have been to Las Vegas and i really enjoyed your posts about art in Las Vegas. But if you are going on a trip to Las Vegas you should know some other games than only poker, i would therefore recommend casinoomega.com instead where you can learn about different casino games. With that said i also would thank you for being such a good site about art and to say that i love all of your posts! With Love Charlie Manson

Well first of all thank you Charlie for your email and your thoughts. It is always nice for us to get some sort of critique so we now which way to go. And also thank you so much for you tip about the website. We will surely give it a visit and see what we think about it. If you, like Charlie, have something on your mind, don’t be shy just send us an email and we might publish it! And it doesn’t have to be positive, we do work for you so all critique is good for us!

To end this post we would like to focus on a famous artist. It is none other than: Salvador Dali!
Salvador Dali was born 1904 and died 1989. He has a longer name then most of us know. He was born as Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali. He was born i Spain, and was a surrealist painter. Dali was really good at his job, and is best known for the bizarre images in his surrealist work. It is often said that his skills and work is influenced by Renaissance masters.

the artist salvador daliOne of Dali’s most known work is the painting The Persistence of Memory. It is the painting with all the melting clocks in the desert. Dali finished the painting in August 1931 which means that it is 85 years old. It is quite amazing how something that was painted for 85 years ago still can be popular. Often people know who Salvador Dali is, and when people think of Dali it is of this painting. That is 85 years! It is remarkable we think!

But that isn’t all that Dali is known for, he also did film work, sculptures and photography in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media. Dali often expressed his love for everything that is gilded and excessive, luxury and oriental clothes. The imagination that Dali had was absolutely great and he often enjoyed to indulge it in unusual ways and behavior. Just watch some of his films and you will understand!


Did you know that there is five different version of Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream?