May 08

Sports and art

Sport stadium

I know that I sometimes repeat myself. But I have to say it once again. When you start to think about it – art is all around us and everything can be art.

I often hear people say that they don’t like art, that ”it’s not their thing”. But look at a building, a card deck, a piece of jewelry or a stamp. It’s all art and design.


Right now I am bit engulfed by stamps. I google and watch beautiful stamps from all around the world! One of my favorite stamp collections is the winter olympic stamp collection from 1972 in Germany. Simple but great! Don’t confuse them with the stamp collection for the summer olympics in Munich the same year. These stamps is also beautiful, but none of my favorites.

If you like stamps like me, digitalization is both good and bad. Bad because you barely send letters anymore and good because you easily can find lots of pictures of stamps and interesting facts about them online.

If you are interested in stamps you can collect them. It’s common to collect stamps with certain motives or from a certain year for example.

I like sports and that reflects on my stamp interest. I am attracted to sport motives since they can bring memories to life. An example is a Swedish stamp which portrays the Peter ”Foppa” Forsberg shoot in the Olympics in Lillehammer 1994. Looking at the stamp induces memories from the match.

New stamp collections are often released in conjunction with big sport events. In this summer the football world championship will take place in russia, and the championship is already celebrated with new stamps. I’ve seen stamps with the arenas that will be used during the Football World Championship, stamps with the FIFA mascot, pictures of the soccer teams and Picasso-like drawings with football motives. If you are curious you can see them and much more if you search on google.

I am looking forward to the championship and will follow as many matches as possible. Maybe I even will bet on one or two of them! On the Internet there are many betting companies that offers sports books. If you have problem to choose among them, just look for the bookmakers that offers the best odds at the matches your interested in.

Sport stadiums and art

Besides the sporting I will also look at the venues. My favorite is the Samara Stadium, also called the Cosmos Arena. At distance it is really beautiful with it’s dome and round shape. It’s completely new and was ready just in time for the championship. At youtube you can watch a movie from the construction. You can also find videos showing all of the 12 venues that will be used during the championship.

Besides the Samara Stadium I also think Fisht stadium has an interesting design! It was built for the winter olympics in Sochi in 2014, and was used for the opening and closing ceremonies then. The arena is shaped like a seashell and partly consists of glass pieces. This summer it will host some of the best football teams in the world!

If you want to see spectacular venues you should also take a look at the stadiums that are built for the football world championship in Qatar 2022. Youtube is a goldmine to dig out when looking for beautiful and cool venues. There you can find everything from old stadiums to new ones like those in Qatar.

The venues fascinates me because they say so much about our society. They are the result of our knowledge, technology and the prevailing fashion at the time. It’s also fascinating because you can’t just think about the look, you have to take function and strength in consideration when you construct a stadium.

Sadly many stadiums are abandoned after the events and goes into ruins. It’s neither good for the environment nor the economy. But I think the organizers think more about it nowadays and take that into consideration when constructing new arenas.

May 03

The van Gogh slot machine

The van Gogh slotI have previously written about the famous gambling city Las Vegas where you not only can play casino, but also visit high quality exhibitions and watch artwork. You can read about it here and here. Today I will continue the gambling theme and the connection between casino and art. Recently I found a slot machine inspired by the famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

The game is developed by STHLMGAMING and the symbols in the game consists of selected van Gogh paintings and paint palettes. The paintings in the game mainly consists of still lifes, for example one of his famous paintings with the sunflowers. His self portrait is also one of the symbols in the slot.

I like the idea of mixing pleasure with beauty. Combining simple pleasures with fine art. Though, I wonder what van Gogh himself would think about it?

Art and casino games

Offhand I can’t think about any other artist that have inspired to a slot machine and got their paintings as symbols in a slot. But I do know artists that have designed card decks. So the connection between casino games and art is not new. It’s not even new to use the van Gogh paintings in a gambling context. His art has been used on card decks before and the game developer IGT has like STHLMGAMING used his art in a slot.

Speaking about card decks. There are plenty of artistic ones to discover. Search at google and you’ll find lots of beautiful card decks in all sorts of designs and art directions.

At you can find more information about playing casino and get more fact about how slot machines works. If you’re interested in trying the van Gogh slot you can play it at Unibet. It´s the only casino that offers the slot since they got an exclusive deal with the game developer.

I hope you found todays subject interesting and feel free to email me about other casino games that have been inspired by artists if you know any!

May 10

Everything is art!

Math is art!

I’ve probably talked about this phenomenon earlier in some post. However, it”s important to say again. Everything is, and can be, art. As ans example, there was once a classmate that had to do a reading about art. He was extremely nervous before, and didn’t think he would pass on it. He ended up getting one of the best grades there is – and here is how i managed to do it.

First, he talked about what art is. How you define it, how you see it, and that it is different for everybody that it meets. As you can read on the Curater page here, the Oxford Dictionary has a definition that may be suitable. “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. This is also what he read and quoter in his speech. He made the conclusion that something made from someones mind, in a form available for others to see and get emotionally touched by, is art.

With this conclusion, he continued in an interesting way. He changed the subject to math. You see, at this time in his school, there was a lot of tests and he was under some stress. He talked about this equation that was really stressful for him. How algebra made him feel incapsulated and how the classroom almost felt like a tiny prison cell. He said that just by looking on his mathematical problem, he would feel anxiety and panic.

He then returned to the art. He said the art was man made from a thought, and touched people emotionally. Math problems and algebra is a man made thing, written down from their creator’s mind. Math problems had a certain effect on him, and made him feel bad. The conclusion was near, and he later said that math problems, algebra and equations are art. The equation written down is made by someone from their thought, and it makes the classmate feel bad. Isn’t that what art is – something made from our minds that makes people feel something.

Math and equations are art. Biology is art. A sculpture is art. Everything is art.

Aug 17


Today we are discussing if you can count commercials as art or not. Sometimes we do think that it isn’t quite that artsy that you can call it. But we do have an example on a great commercial that we think is pure and magnificent art. It is produced by Sony Bravia. Perhaps some of you already know which one we are talking about since the commercial got real famous. In the video there is 175 000 bouncing balls that they are throwing down a hill and the result is just amazing. In the commercial there is also a song played by Jose Gonzales called Heartbeat! Yes you can watch the commercial below and then please send us a comment on what you think! We do think that this is art and that is was something special that was created that day. What do you think, art or not?

We just love all these bouncy balls! Here at Curater we sort of love balls over all, every Wednesday we have bingo night. We have made our own more artsy balls for the wheel and also made our own wheel so that it is more artsy. It is made as a tree and through the roots the balls come rolling. It is actually super fun even though bingo always seems to be a bit like a game for seniors. But it might be because it is our thing that we have made it fun. If you have never heard about bingo or want to learn more you can visit this site and read more. There is both history about bingo and the best online bingo halls. But let’s not get lost in the bingo and get back to the commercials.

There is another commercial that is one of our favorites here and it is also made by Sony. It is shot in India when they are celebrating Holi. A festival where the population throw different colors on each other. It is a Hindu spring festival in India and also Nepal. It is called the festival of colors or the festival of sharing love. Holi is a two day festival that occurs in late February or the beginning of March. During the festival you spray colors on others, dance, party and eat festival delicacies. If you want to celebrate it next year in 2017 you need to remember the date of 13th March! It is a Monday so we would recommend you to be in Indian on the Sunday!

But back to the commercial, it is for the water proof new mobile phone Sony Xperia, where a couple is riding a little taxi cab in India and ending in a festival of colors. The commercial is also fantastically made but perhaps it is not quite as much art as the first. Sony makes a whole lot of interesting commercial connected to colors though and a tip is to check out their youtube channel or just google commercials from them. They focus really much on colors and to produce them with an open mind and do something that has never been done before. Like the commercial with the bouncy balls! Tell us what you think of commercials, is it art or not?

Did you know that Sony only had one time to get the shot with the bouncy balls? It was most certainly a risk they took.

Aug 12

Something artsy

Today we thought we would talk a little bit about something more modern in art. We have talked about Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvador Dali. It is time for another man who laid the foundation for a new type of art, nameless the pop art! It is of course Andy Warhol that i am talking about.

Andy Warhol was born on August 6th 1928 and later died the 22nd of February in 1987. As we mentioned he was an leader in the visual art movement called pop art. The work made by Warhol explores relationships between artistic expressions, celebrity culture and advertisement that was current in the 1960s. He had an successful career as a commercial illustrator which he used to become a controversial artist afterwards. He wasn’t that traditional type of painter, no he used many different types of media like hand drawing, printmaking, sculpture, film, music and so on.

Warhol’s studio called The Factory was also well known, and used to be a gathering place. The Factory brought together many intellectuals, playwrights, bohemian street people, hollywood celebrities and others. Many people don’t know that he managed and produced the rock band The Velvet Underground. Most people only know him for one of their album covers with the famous banana.

Andy Warhol was a really versatile man who did a lot more than his art. He founded Interview magazine and was author of a lot of books. He is also known for being openly gay before the gay liberation movement, which tells us a bit about his courage. He always believed in himself and is therefore the creator of a numerous things. He even made an expression famous “15 minutes of fame”. The expression 15 minutes of fame is something that most of us knows today and surely it is an expression that is made daily.

One of Andy Warhol’s muses named Edie Sedgwick is portrayed in the movie The Factory Girl. She is played by Sienna Miller. The movie plot is that Edie moves to New York City, where she is introduced to the pop art painter Andy Warhol. In this movie played by Guy Pierce. Andy Warhol is intrigued by Edie and asks her to perform in one of his movies. She is spending more and more time with him at the Factory and also with the people that is there, some of them are drug addicts. Soon her status as a Warhol superstar is known and a success as a fashion model earns her popularity and international attention.
After Warhol’s death he has been the subject of numerous exhibitions, books and feature and documentary films. In his native city, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania there is The Andy Warhol Museum. That museum holds an extensive permanent collection of art and archives and is the largest museum in the United States dedicated to a single artist. Many of Warhol’s work and creations are very collectible and has a high value. The highest price that somebody has paid for a Warhol painting is incredible 105 US million dollars!!! Its was the painting “Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)”. Warhol’s painting is some of the most expensive ever to be sold.

We hope that you like this post about Warhol and that you learned something about this great artist! He is truly one of our favorites here at Curater!

andy warhol's painting

Did you know that one of Andy Warhol’s most well known paintings is of Marilyn Monroe?

Aug 09

Art is the best thing in the world

In our last post we gave a tip on a website where you can find great tips about poker if you are going to visit Las Vegas. And one of you guys sent us an email with another site that where supposed to be better. Here is the recap of the email:
-Hello Curater. I am a huge art lover and i also tend to play some casino from time to time. Therefore i have been to Las Vegas and i really enjoyed your posts about art in Las Vegas. But if you are going on a trip to Las Vegas you should know some other games than only poker, i would therefore recommend instead where you can learn about different casino games. With that said i also would thank you for being such a good site about art and to say that i love all of your posts! With Love Charlie Manson

Well first of all thank you Charlie for your email and your thoughts. It is always nice for us to get some sort of critique so we now which way to go. And also thank you so much for you tip about the website. We will surely give it a visit and see what we think about it. If you, like Charlie, have something on your mind, don’t be shy just send us an email and we might publish it! And it doesn’t have to be positive, we do work for you so all critique is good for us!

To end this post we would like to focus on a famous artist. It is none other than: Salvador Dali!
Salvador Dali was born 1904 and died 1989. He has a longer name then most of us know. He was born as Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali. He was born i Spain, and was a surrealist painter. Dali was really good at his job, and is best known for the bizarre images in his surrealist work. It is often said that his skills and work is influenced by Renaissance masters.

the artist salvador daliOne of Dali’s most known work is the painting The Persistence of Memory. It is the painting with all the melting clocks in the desert. Dali finished the painting in August 1931 which means that it is 85 years old. It is quite amazing how something that was painted for 85 years ago still can be popular. Often people know who Salvador Dali is, and when people think of Dali it is of this painting. That is 85 years! It is remarkable we think!

But that isn’t all that Dali is known for, he also did film work, sculptures and photography in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media. Dali often expressed his love for everything that is gilded and excessive, luxury and oriental clothes. The imagination that Dali had was absolutely great and he often enjoyed to indulge it in unusual ways and behavior. Just watch some of his films and you will understand!


Did you know that there is five different version of Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream?

Aug 08

We do what you want!

Thank you all for all of your messages considering the art exhibitions in Las Vegas. It is so fun that you liked it and it sounds like the most of you readers like art that aren’t that traditional in a museum. It is like you want it to be a bit more than that and not only a simple museum. Or perhaps you like Las Vegas and the fact that it is such a huge city where you can do a lot. Since we are already talking about Las Vegas how about some tips on art exhibitions in Las Vegas? Let’s do it!

Here is our personal top four favorite exhibitions in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!

1. Barrick Museum
Yes first up is Barrick Museum that is located on the University of Nevada. First it was a natural history museum but it has now changes its focus to fill the void left when the Las
Vegas Art Museum closed in 2009. Barrick museum are trying to become a full time art institution so please give this museum a visit. The fee is free but there is always welcome to make a donation, so while your there please do!
2. Neon Museum
Next up is the outdoor Neon Museum located in the city’s Cultural Corridor. It is a huge tourist destination and a beloved project and collection for the Las Vegas community. The collection is a bunch of signs out in the desert that tells the story about the 1930s city that erupted in the desert. Certainly something you must see if you get the chance!
3. Contemporary Arts Center
In the industrial downtown art district you will find this small gallery with a 21 year of success. In a city that is completely focused on gambling they have constantly worked to be recognized. They have mostly avant garde exhibits and has brought in a diverse range of artist. Definitely worth a visit!
4. Trifecta Gallery
In the art districts you will also find this survivor, Trifecta gallery. They maintain solid exhibits focused on contemporary representational paintings and illustrations. It is a large space of three rooms in an old industrial brick building where locals go to buy and experience works by emerging artist. One of their famous exhibitions is the pancake breakfast that actually consists of huge flapjack sculptures by Todd Von Bastiaans and Bryan McCarthy. Really makes you crave pancakes we can tell you!

If you simply like Las Vegas for the gambling we would also like to take the opportunity to give you a great website. If you want to learn more about poker then this site is worth a visit Perhaps you want to learn a bit more about gambling and casinos before you visit the city and all the great exhibitions we have mentioned here!

What do you think about posts like this? Is it good or do you prefer something else? Write to us! Comment! Tell us what you like, we are only here to work for you and present thing that you want!

downtown las vegas where the museums are

Did you know that an artist once cut off his ear?

Aug 04

Welcome back for the remaining answers

Hello again!
Last time we fell short on time and had to leave our studio without answering all of “poker lover 89’s” questions. We thought we would give you one more tip of a hotel in Las Vegas who has art included in it. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a hotel and casino that offers different kinds of art experiences for art lovers. – Hundreds of contemporary art works by both established and emerging artists from all over the world can be found throughout The Cosmopolitan. Designed to inspire discovery, the collection includes large-scale paintings, photography, mixed media works, sculptures, murals and more. This is what cosmopolitan themselves write on their website. They have focused on having art all across the hotel in different ways. On the doors to the rooms where you usually have a plain note with either “do not disturb” or “please enter” they have collaborated with Flaunt magazine to create six different door hangers that includes more artsier work. Really nice feature according to us here at Curater. They have also six art-o-mat machines in the hotel. Each machine contains a variety original works.

The art-o-mat machines are created by the artist Clark Whittington. The machines are made of old cigarette vending machines. The old machines has been repurposed as a vehicle to distribute art to the people. There are over 100 art-o-mat machines that exist today, most of them are located in the United States but there are one machine in the UK, two in Vienna and two i Australia. More then 400 artist have contributed with their art to fill these machines with. Each little piece of Art-o-mat art is boxed and wrapped in cellophane inside of the old cigarette vending machine. You get out your little piece of art by a pull-knob dispensing mechanism – exactly like the cigarettes vending machines was from the beginning. This is one of the features we absolutely love about the Cosmopolitan! Such a nice feature to get out a little piece of art right in your hand!

And for the second question if there is a casino in London that also has some sort of art our answer is yes! It is not quite like the casinos in Las Vegas where they have a separate gallery or art features. The only thing we could find i London was a casino that had some huge artwork on the walls inside of the casino. Perhaps this wasn’t what you where looking for, but we will give a short presentation anyways. The Hippodrome casino in London is a new type of casino. On one of the walls has the digital artist Thomas D Grays got the opportunity to put up one of his major pieces of art. The artwork surrounds the the main void of the interior. The casino is in an old theatre and therefore you can also enjoy the art form theatre and cabaret if you feel like it. There is also live comedy shows there so you have a lot of things to choose from, and guess what, entry is free! So either way if you want to gamble or just check the place out you can do it for free! Hopefully you got your answers!

an artomat

Picture borrowed from

Did you know that there is at least 20 different casinos in London?

Aug 01

Las Vegas

Hello again art lovers from all the world!
As you might have learned by now we always end our posts here with some random facts about art or something connected to museum, art or exhibitions. In our last post we told you that there are a lot of casinos in Las Vegas that also offers some sort of art exhibitions. We got an email from someone called “poker lover 89”, this is what the email says:

Hello Curater and thanks for all exhibitions tips for this season. I am a huge poker lover and i thought it was really funny that you wrote about that the casinos in Las Vegas also have some art. I am from the UK and would like to tell you about that Tate Modern has recently added a building to their museum with 10 floors. I hope that you will add this email to the site so more people get to know this, and everybody can afford it! The admission to Tate is free of charge! Some special exhibitions cost money but I can assure you that the free part is huge. Please write a little post about the art in casinos also and if it is available here i London! I have tried to find it but with no success./ Poker Lover 89

First of all, thank you for your email! And of course we will focus this post on the casinos art and reveal if it is available in London! The first casino we are going to talk about is the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The Bellagio has a gallery of fine art. The exhibition right now is by an artist called Yousuf Karsh and is called Icons of the twentieth century. This is what the casino writes about the exhibition on their website:
– “On loan from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Yousuf Karsh: Icons of the Twentieth Century provides an intimate view into the faces of leading figures in the arts, politics and the Golden Age of Hollywood. Featuring more than 60 portraits of the most famous and infamous men and women of the last century, this exhibition gives viewers a rare glimpse into the lives of these subjects” – The Bellagio
What kind of exhibition the hotel and casino offers changes over time so it is like a real art museum and not only some paintings on the wall. So if you want to enjoy both casino and art Bellagio is definitely worth a visit.

If you don’t live in the united states or doesn’t have the opportunity to travel there i would also like to tell you about this online casino guide with free spins that we recently found. It focus mainly on players in the UK but a lot of the casinos are accessible from all around the world. Sorry guys, we are a bit stressed out here today and i don’t have time to find out everything i promised. I swear i will give you the remaining questions the next time we talk to you! How do you like the picture? I think it was quite artsy!

art in las vegas

Did you know that there is an exhibition in Tokyo where all the pieces are made out of chocolate?

May 15

9 must see exhibitions of 2016

Today we will give you 10 tips on exhibitions that are showing during 2016 that you will have to visit if you can get the chance to.

1. The first one is by Georgia O’Keeffe’s work that will be shown at Tate Modern from 6 July to the 30 October. Georgia O’Keeffe was one of the first women to paint American Modernism. Now her work will be displayed in the British museum Tate Modern. She was a feminist artist who painted landscapes and flowers.
2. After Georgia O’Keeffe’s exhibition Tate Modern follows up with Robert Rauschenberg. From the 1st December to the 9th of April you can watch the work from this pop art movement. A lot of the work that is going to be a part of the exhibition is rarely loaned or traveled around the world so this could be a once in a lifetime.
3. Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones at the Saatchi Gallery. This exhibition has been open since the 4th of April and as fast become really popular. The exhibition is only open due to the 5th of September which means that if you want to see this one you will have to be fast. The exhibition includes over 500 original items connected to the Rolling Stones. Since the exhibitions is so popular you have to book a ticket in good time before, to know that you will be able to see it.
4. Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty. Degas famous paintings of the ballet dances is now coming to MoMa in New York. Coming, or should i say leaving since the exhibition is from 26th March to 24th July. There is only a few more days of this exhibition and we would so want to go to this. The Museum of Modern Art in New York is one of the classic museums that you want to visit at least once in a lifetime and with this exhibition it would have been perfect. To se Degas beautiful ballet dancers dance across the walls. Oh, how amazing.
5. While your watching Degas you can take a look at Bruce Conners: It’s all true, at the same time. The exhibition is open from 3rd July to the 2nd October which means that the both exhibitions overlap each other. The exhibition shows art from Conners 16 years long career.
6. If you are in the UK and London you should visit the Barbican, the museum is known for showing art from brutalism. The exhibition is called Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers. As you can hear in the name it is several photographers work that is collected into one big guide to Britain.
7. Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium at LACMA is shown at the J Paul Getty Museum. March 20th to July 31st the exhibition is open, which means the times is slowly running away from us to see this. The exhibitions is shown at both Los Angeles County Museum of Art and their neighbor J. Paul Getty Museum. It consists of both photography, painting, drawings and sculptures.
8. René Magritte: La Trahison des Images at Centre Pompidou: open from September 18th 2016 to January 9th 2017. This exhibition haven’t started yet and that means that you will have to plan a trip to Paris! Centre Pompidou is well known for selecting the best art and this exhibition is no exception. Ever since the movie The Fault in Our Stars came, Magritte has become more famous among teenagers that might not have that interest in art.
9. HOMU, the Homeless Museum of Art. The homeless museum of art is a quite interesting museum. It is a man from New York who started this art project. You never know where it will be, since it is a live museum that the artist Filip Noterdaeme holds. He moves it around in the streets in New York and you will never know where he will settle down for the day.

I hope you will get the chance to see some of these exhibitions, and if you know other exhibitions that you want us to write about please send us an email! Below you can see one of Degas famous ballet dancers!

Degas famous ballet dancers

Did you know that most casinos in Las Vegas have art exhibitions?

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